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Low Cost Providers
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Here you will find a listing of clinics that provide low cost cognitive therapy.



Program: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) routinely conducts clinical trials in many States which may involve free or low cost treatment. For more information on participation in clinical trials. Website:  



Location: Los Altos, CA
Program: Kurt and Barbra Gronowski Psychology Clinic
Director: Robert Reiser, Ph.D.
Telephone: (650) 961-9300
Fees: $25-$120. This sliding scale is for doctoral level psychology students in training at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (supervised by Robert Reiser, Ph.D. and other licensed psychologists) and is based on income.

Location: San Diego, CA
Program: The Cognitive Therapy Institute, Inc.
Director: James L. Shenk, Ph.D.
Telephone: (858) 450-1101
Fees: $80-$100. This sliding scale is for M.A. level psychological assistants here (supervised by Director James L. Shenk, Ph.D.) and is based on income and other considerations.

Location: Torrance, CA
Program: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Dialectical Behavior Therapy Clinic
Director: Lynn McFarr, Ph.D.
Telephone: 310.222.3020
Fees: 0-$20 (based on income, location and medical necessity)  

Location: Newport Beach, CA
Program: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Institute of Southern California
Director: Paul DePompo, Psy.D.
Telephone: 949.300.1952
Fees: $80-$100.  This sliding scale is for M.A. level interns (supervised by Paul DePompo, Psy.D.) and is based on household income and other considerations.


Location: Evanston, Illinois
Program: Depression Program, The Family Institute at Northwestern University
Director: Paula R. Young, Ph.D.
Telephone: (847) 733-4300
Fees: sliding scale according to income
Contact: Intake coordinator (847) 733-4300


Location: Boston, MA
Program: Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD); Massachusetts General Hospital
Principal Investigator: Sabine Wilhelm, Ph.D.; to determine eligibility and to enroll, contact Dr. Ulrike Buhlmann
Telephone: (617) 726-5374
Fees: No cost

Location: Boston, MA
Program: Southard Clinic, Mass. Mental Health Center
Director: June Wolf, Ph.D.; for information regarding cognitive-behavioral treatment first contact Robert M. Goisman, M.D. (contact info. below)
Telephone: 617-626-9549
Fees: as low as $5.00/visit, depending on income and expenses



Location: Baltimore, MD
Program: The University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt Psychiatry Residency Training Program
Director: Hinda Dubin, M.D.
Telephone: (410) 328-6612

New Mexico

Location : Albuquerque, NM
Program: The Cognitive Behavioral Institute of Albuquerque, LLC
Director: Bradford C. Richards, Ph.D.
Telephone: (505) 823-1600
Fees: $75 and higher (based on income, # dependents, & which therapist you see)


New York

Location: New York City, NY
Program: New York City Cognitive Therapy
Director: Noah Clyman, L.C.S.W.
Telephone: (973) 768 7552
Website: www.nyccognitivetherapy
Fees: Starting at $95 (depending on which therapist you see).

Location: New York City, NY
Program: American Institute for Cognitive Therapy
Director: Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D.
Telephone: (212) 308 2440
Fees: $120 and higher (based on which therapist you see)

Location: New York, NY
Program: Cornell Cognitive Therapy Clinic, Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Director: Baruch Fishman, Ph.D.
Telephone: 212-821-0775
Fees: $50.00 - $30.00 (slide depends upon income/ # of dependents), Medicaid, Managed Care.

Location: New York City, NY
Program: Brief Psychotherapy Research Program
Director: J. Christopher Muran, Ph.D.
Cognitive therapy instructor and supervisor: Vicki Gluhoski, Ph.D., ACT
Telephone: (212) 420-3819
Website: For additional information about this program please visit
Fees: $30-$50 per session, depending on income *** Treatment consists of 30 sessions of cognitive therapy, as part of a research protocol Treatment providers are psychology graduate students and psychiatry residents, supervised by Vicki Gluhoski, Ph.D., a Founding Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.

Location: New York City, NY
Program: CBT/DBT Associates
Director: Lisa A. Napolitano, Ph.D.
Telephone: (212) 546 9200
Fees: $75 and higher (based on which therapist you see)

Location: New York, NY
Program: Cognitive Therapy Treatment for Anxiety and Depression
Director: Daniel Gomez, LCSW, LCADC
Telephone:(917) 817-6008
Fees: $65. A number of applicants are accepted to this lower fee based on income; check website for regular fees
Other: Bilingual Spanish

Location: Bronx, NY
Program: Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Program for Anxiety & Depression, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University
Director: Lata K. McGinn, Ph.D.
Telephone: (718) 430 3852
Fees: $5-$50 (slide depends upon income/ # of dependents)

Location: Hempstead, Long Island, NY
Program: Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Program for Anxiety & Depression at Hofstra University
Director: William C. Sanderson, Ph.D.
Telephone: (516) 463-5633
Website: Fees: $30/per session

Location: New York City and Brooklyn, NY
Program: NYC CBTp
Director: Sally E. Riggs, DClinPsy
Telephone: 347 781 4369
Fees: Medicare is accepted, along with a number of other low cost health insurances. In addition a limited number of slots are available at $100 for those with financial need.


Location: Eugene, OR
Program: University of Oregon Psychology Clinic
Director: Anne D. Simons, Ph.D.
Clinic Coordinator: Stephenie Frank, MA
Telephone: (541) 346-4984
Fees: Sliding scale; we slide to $0.


Location: Philadelphia, PA
Program: Penn Anxiety Program, University of Pennsylvania
Director: Dianne L. Chambless, Ph.D.
Telephone: 215-898-7376
Populations Served: Adults & couples with anxiety or stress-related problems
Fees: $5 - $25 per session  

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Program: Cognitive Therapy Clinic, University of Pennsylvania
Director: Robert J. DeRubeis, Ph.D.
Telephone: 215-573-5803 
Fees: $30 to $50 per session, with lower fees possible based on ability to pay ***Accepting Referrals August through February***

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Program: Residents' Program, University of Pennsylvania
Director: John O'Reardon, M.D.
Telephone: 866-301-4724 (choose option 9)
Fees: $40 evaluation; $25 sessions, $93 Medication Management * Patients scheduled on Fridays only * Be sure to mention “low-cost Residents’ Program” when scheduling

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Program: Social Anxiety Treatment Program, MCP Hahnemann University
Director: James D. Herbert, Ph.D.
Telephone: 215-762-3327
Fees: Clinical research program free of charge to eligible persons with Social Anxiety Disorder

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Program: La Salle University Community Center for Counseling and Psychological Services
Director: Andrew Wolanin, Psy.D.
Telephone: (215) 951-1006
Fees: $10-$25 sliding fee for individual treatment (based on income level). Psychological Battery Fee: $350. All clinicians are doctoral students who are supervised by licensed psychologists.



Location: Waco, TX
Program: Department of Psychology & Neuroscience, Baylor University
Director: Micheal B. Frisch, PhD
Telephone: 254.710.2252
Fees: Sliding scale



Location: Norfolk, VA Program: Outpatient Training Clinic, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Director: Barbara Cubic, Ph.D.
Telephone: (757)446-5888
Fees: $10-$60 (sliding fee scale depends upon income and exceptions are made in extenuating circumstances)