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2013 ATB Award Winner
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Michelle G. Craske, Ph.D.

        Michelle G. Craske, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology and of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, and Director of the Anxiety Disorders Research Center, at UCLA. She has published extensively in the area of fear and anxiety disorders, including over 350 scientific articles, four books on the topics of the etiology and treatment of anxiety disorders, gender differences in anxiety, translation from the basic science of fear learning to treating phobias and anxiety disorders, and principles and practice of cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as several self-help books and therapist guides. In addition, she has been the recipient of National Institute of Mental Health funding since 1993 for research projects pertaining to risk factors for anxiety disorders and depression among children and adolescents, the cognitive and physiological aspects of anxiety and panic attacks, neural mediators of behavioral treatments for anxiety disorders, fear extinction mechanisms of exposure therapy, and the development and dissemination of treatments for anxiety and related disorders. She was associate editor for the Journal of Abnormal

Psychology, and is presently associate editor for BehaviourResearch and Therapy as well as a scientific board member for the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. She was a member of the DSM-IV Anxiety Disorders Work Group and is now a member of the DSM-V Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum, Posttraumatic, and Dissociative Disorders Work Group, and Chair of the Anxiety Disorders Subworkgroup. She is also a member of the APA Clinical Treatment Guidelines Advisory Steering Committee for the development of practice guidelines.

2013 ATB Award Ceremony Video and Event Photographs


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