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2004 ATB Award Winner
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Robert J. DeRubeis, Ph.D.

       Rob DeRubeis received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin in 1975. That same year he began the Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Minnesota. In 1977 he began his still-active collaboration with Steve Hollon, who joined the faculty at Minnesota that year. During graduate school he was influenced by an eminent faculty that included Paul Meehl, David Lykken, Auke Tellegen, Irv Gottesman, and Phil Kendall, in addition to his advisor Hollon. In 1983, upon completion of his Ph.D. – and of the first clinical trial of cognitive therapy he conducted with Steve Hollon – Rob took a position as Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. 

He has been at Penn ever since, rising through the ranks to Professor, and taking on the Directorship of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology along the way. He currently serves as Chair of his department. In addition to the clinical trials research that he has conducted with Steve Hollon, Rob has trained and has collaborated on a variety of research programs with numerous graduate students in Penn’s Clinical Program: first with Jacques Barber, on theories change in CT and a measure of change, the Ways of Responding Questionnaire; with Ruby Ackermann Engel and Dan Strunk, on depressive realism; with Mike Feeley, Lois Gelfand, and Melissa Brotman, on the relation of therapist behaviors to outcome; with Tony Tang, on the Sudden Gains phenomenon in CT; and most recently with Shannon Stirman, on the relevance of clinical trials to clinical practice.